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Barry Morse: Happy 90th Birthday, Somewhere in the Cosmos... Jun. 10th, 2008 @ 07:08 pm
LairCronies and Space:1999 fans, Today is the 90th birthday of our old Shavian/actor friend, Barry Morse, lest we forget! Today, he is somewhere in the Cosmos, maybe even in an Astral version of S99 or The Fugitive, having tea with George Bernard Shaw and a bunch of Other old cronies!

Wherever his corner of the Cosmos is, let's hope he's getting plenty of Theatrical participation to mark the occasion...

Happy Birthday, Barry Morse! June 10, 1918-Feb. 2, 2008

--Photo of Barry Morse © by Anthony Wynn, courtesy of Barry Morse's Wikipedia page.

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Another Con Another Place: Space:1999 Convention 2008! May. 11th, 2008 @ 04:28 pm
Hello, folks; sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just wanted to put in a bit of a plug for Another Con, Another Place, the upcoming Space:1999 convention that will be held this year on July 18-20 in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

The con this year will be dedicated to the memory of both actor Barry Morse and scriptwriter Johnny Byrne, both of whom passed away earlier this year. Contributions will be made to the Johnny Byrne Care Fund, to help defray the medical expenses faced by Johnny's family.

I don't know the exact costs or registration deadlines for this con, but all of this information, plus schedule of events, can be found on the con's website, linked above! It would be great if I could be there; either way, I just wanted to pass the word along that Space:1999 is still having conventions, more than 30 years into its history! Long live Alpha!!

--Photo creation for Another Con Another Place 2008, 'Calgary skyline with 2 Moons', © 2005 by Ken Scott

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Someone I Wish I'd Met, and Felt Like I Knew... Feb. 5th, 2008 @ 04:16 pm
Alas, LairCronies, our beloved Space:1999 actor, Barry Morse passed away this past Saturday, February 2 at age 89. Or perhaps he might see it, once again, as "falling off the back of the moon." It was Barry who brought my favorite S99 character, Victor Bergman, to life; it is this character I now reach to for solace. And I hope to obtain a copy of Barry's autobiography, Remember with Advantages; I only wish he was around to autograph it...

In memory of Barry Morse, 1918-2008

"To everything that was." --Professor Victor Bergman

IN LOVING MEMORY OF BARRY MORSE (6/10/1918-2/2/2008)

"I only had the pleasure of meeting Barry Morse once. But long before that (not so long, really), I had the pleasure of meeting Victor Bergman...What Barry brought to [the character of Victor], through his gentle smile, through the lilt of his voice, and those wonderfully expressive eyes of his - breathed such life into the show. A life well lived, Barry Morse. And thank you, for all that you gave, and continue to give through the work you left behind."
- William Latham, Author of Resurrection

We will add more LairLinks, and hopefully an online condolence book, as we find them. This post is cross-posted at my own LJ (see above)...

UPDATE: Actually, here already is an Online Condolence Book for Barry! And here are some more essential LairLinks:

Barry Morse: Official Website Space:1999 Official Site Barry Morse: Wikipedia Page
The Fugitive at IMDB.com Anthony Wynn (Remember with Advantages Co-Author) Capt. Phil's Barry Morse Tribute
Robert E. Wood (Artist and Remember with Advantages Co-Author) Space:1999 Myspace Page

ANOTHER UPDATE: We've just found a new and wonderful Barry/Victor Youtube tribute video, embedded below!

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At my own risk... Jan. 19th, 2008 @ 03:48 pm
I may get seriously sporked for this (or worse, completely ignored); but I couldn't resist. Here goes nothing, sci-fi shippers:

Shoot, why the hell not?!!

The photo was nicked from space_crash and edited...er...suggestively...

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More Victor Bergman Love from Youtube (reprinted from my own LJ)... Dec. 24th, 2007 @ 03:48 pm
I love this character! He was the heart and soul of Space:1999. A scientist and philosopher Both. I fell in love with Victor during the First episode I saw of that series ("The Black Sun", I believe it was--arguably the Best episode of the Whole series, Years 1 and 2).

Anyway, here is another Victor Bergman tribute video:

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Other entries
» A Sci-Fi Blast from the Past (reposted from my own LJ)...
Folks, it's happened Again. I don't know how this sort of thing happens; but something I enjoyed years (or even decades) in the past sometimes comes Back into my consciousness, and I sort of "rediscover" it. This has just happened in the past week, wherein I "rediscovered" my fascination and infatuation with the Ill-Fated 1970's British Sci-Fi television series, Space:1999! And now, I find myself wanting to write fanfiction for this relatively Short-Lived TV show!

I much prefer the "Year 1" episodes, as they're Known these days, for the primary reason that my Favorite character, one Professor Victor Bergman (played by Anglo-Canadian actor Barry Morse) was Present in Year 1, but mysteriously vanished in Year 2, poor guy. The series was never quite the same after he left. He's the one I want to write fanfiction for at the moment. Specifically, there's a Victor/Helena H/C fic spinning Around in my brain right now, practically demanding to be written. Some very sweet sex is Involved in the story; but primarily the story is about comfort and bonding and helping each other stay Sane in the Immediate aftermath of Breakaway. This story has probably been written Already by someone, but I haven't found it Yet. There is also the technological device of windows in one character's personal quarters being Outfitted with Illusory earth scenes, including sunrises and sunsets, which seems somehow Therapeutic to poor souls Spinning through deep space in their Dingy gray Moonbase in the middle of a lunar crater...

More later, I think. My favorite Wi-fi coffee shop is about to close...

UPDATE (SATURDAY, NOV. 17): I've found a Victor Bergman tribute video on YouTube! Here's the Embedded version. Long live Victor (and Barry Morse)!!



» A couple of Silly Questions...
Just recently, I was pondering the Year 2 episode, "The Bringers of Vomit Wonder"; and a couple of simple-minded questions started oozing through my brain:

SILLY QUESTION #1: How much do you suppose these actors got paid to look like something the cat coughed up...??


I mean, YEESH... They look like they're covered with barbecued geoducks! Or, perhaps, slices of geoduck, cut lengthwise...gulp...*turns green*

SILLY QUESTION #2: Do you suppose the cast and crew got to eat the stuff when they were done shooting those scenes (if the geoduck-looking stuff was edible, that is)? I can imagine the announcement: "Okay, folks, it's a wrap! And don't forget, the gooeyduck roast starts at 7:30 tonight!" Whatever...

Oh well, they do make rather cute model toys; I've even seen a pic of Bringers candles, of all things, being sold at a Space:1999 convention several years ago (LOL)...


» Hello, Earth? Can anyone hear me?
Golly, is this really the FIRST entry in this LJ?

I was a big fan of Space:1999 back in the 70's and 80's when I was a kid; then I sort of lost touch with it for quite a while. Overwhelmed by the special effects in the Star Wars movies, or something. Then, just in the past month or so, I've kind of "rediscovered" S99. Now, I find myself wanting to write fanfiction for this show. Is anyone else out there writing S99 fanfiction? If so, you're more than welcome to comment, post recs, etc.

I've found a few essential links for Space:1999. Here is one for Space:1999.net, the series' official website. It includes links to some really marvelous fansites (including fanfiction, illustrated synopses, and audio files from various episodes!), among other things. Well worth a visit or six. I've also found a Space:1999 webring called Ring Around the Moon.

Here are IMDB pages for Martin Landau (Commander John Koenig) and Barbara Bain (Dr. Helena Russell), the two continuous stars of the series. Here is a link to Barry Morse's (Prof. Victor Bergman, my favorite character) website; and a special fanpage dedicated to Catherine Schell (Maya), the latter linked from Space1999.net. Here is a link to an S99 conference called MainMission 2000, held on the series' 25th anniversary.

Here, finally, is a link to Fanfiction.net's collection of Space:1999 fanfics. Again, I am eagerly searching for more fanfics, and would love to write some myself; but I think I will have to do some rewatching of the series on DVDs first. Apparently a handful of authorized novelizations of the series can also be purchased online.

Anyway, here is my entry for this comm! Hopefully I'll be back soon, time and weather permitting! Here in Seattle, we seem to have entered our Winter Monsoon Season...


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