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More 'Journey to Where' info, as the date draws closer... - SPACE: 1999

About More 'Journey to Where' info, as the date draws closer...

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Goodness, I haven't posted here in a while, have I? Come to think of it, I haven't posted much of anywhere besides Facebook lately! But there is some new info about the Journey to Where Con that's coming up in Austin, Texas during July 16-18.

Besides its official website, Journey to Where also has a Facebook profile at present (who/what doesn't have a FB page these days?!). According to both info sources, confirmed special guests include actresses Catherine Schell (Maya), and Caroline Seymour (don't recall who she played). Also, author Robert Wood will be doing a presentation on Destination: Moonbase Alpha, a new book described as "The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to Space:1999." There is also a reference to "Return of Victor Bergman", a film of some sort that I've previously not heard of.

Anyway, that's the latest info I've got on the newest S99 Con! It would be really cool if I could attend this year!!

Also, in my own Fanfiction news: Yes, I am working on a Victor/Helena story (a VERY erotic one, at that! Gasp!!!), called "Shall We Proceed", set almost immediately post-Breakaway, before the Koenig/Helena thing really got started. All I've got to do is add some finishing touches, fill in a blank few paragraphs near the middle, and otherwise make it more or less convincing (sigh)...

Journey to Where Con, Austin, TX, July 16-18, 2010

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