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Some New Pages on Space, Time and Eagles! - SPACE: 1999

About Some New Pages on Space, Time and Eagles!

Previous Entry Some New Pages on Space, Time and Eagles! Dec. 28th, 2008 @ 08:58 pm Next Entry
Folks, here is a Space:1999 site that I wasn't previously aware of--EagleTransporter.com! As you might guess, the site is largely devoted to all things Eagle; but it's also got some fascinating news feeds and a very wide-ranging Discussion Forum. The logo is pretty cool too (for some reason, I can't figure out how to insert it using my mom's Apple mouse...*grimaces*).

Also, for all of you who, inspired by Space:1999, are hell-bent on becoming astronauts when you grow up (or, at least, astronomers), here are some very cool-looking pages on space/astronomy news:
  • Space Daily: Your Portal to Space: a Site devoted to news of space, astronomy and space travel; RSS feeds and more, organized by date and updated, we hope, daily. And...

  • An even better news source, ScienceDaily.com's Space and Time News Page, with stories subdivided and organized into an astonishing array of categories regarding astronomy, space travel, and what's up with the space station and Hubble telescope. Don't worry, folks, they don't anticipate the moon being blasted out of orbit any time soon (LOL)...

That's the best of what we've found so far regarding Space News. Let us know if you find other sites of similar content and quality. We'll keep researching too, meanwhile...

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