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A bit of a news recap... - SPACE: 1999

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Hello, fellow friends of Alpha! Sorry I haven't posted here since June; guess I got involved in a bunch of other projects, including trying to make money with online stores and the like. However, when I checked the profile for this comm, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the list of members and friends had increased by several! So, I'm out researching some Space:1999-related news for a new post. Among other things:

  • Does anyone know if Catherine Schell (Maya) is still operating her B&B, Maison Valentin, in southern France since her husband and co-owner of the guesthouse passed away a couple of years ago? There used to be a webpage up for the house, but it seems to have gone missing. I'm still researching what Catherine's up to these days...

  • Pleasant report-backs were written by those who attended the Calgary con, Another Con, Another Place this past July. Weekend tours were taken of Calgary and vicinity; a substantial sum of money was raised in the silent auction for the Johnny Byrne Care Fund, and for Parkinson's Disease research; and a teleconference was held with cast members Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes), Prentis Hancock (Paul Morrow), and Nick Tate (Alan Carter). Does Prentis Hancock have an "official website"? If he has, I haven't found it yet.

  • There are many email groups, in Google, Yahoo! and elsewhere, dedicated to Space:1999. I am currently a member of Online Alpha and The Barry Morse List; and many other good groups and lists exist as well. Naturally, I'm rather biased in favor of these two.

  • What to make of Space:2099? It's an interesting site, even though its video footage of remodeled Space:1999 episodes has been removed, at the request of Granada distributors. Space:2099 is the brainchild of one Eric Bernard, who has long hoped for a remake of the series, and has been working at re-edits of the original episodes in hopes of improving their overall quality and longevity. For some reason, the "Space News" videos only are up through August of this year. I don't know when the site was last updated. It also has an Episode Guide, a message board/comments page, and a links page. For those who would like to see Eric's summary trailers of the reworked episodes, here is a link to his Youtube channel.

  • Finally, Barry Morse's friend and co-author Anthony Wynn has updated information about the releases and availability of Barry's autobiography, Remember with Advantages, as well as the new book Presenting Barry Morse and Merely Players, and Barry's audio series Rogues and Vagabonds: a Theatrical Scrapbook. Barry's spirit and energy survives in many quarters these days!

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